Ma'at & Her Feather
Ma'at was the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Order. Her headdress ostrich feather served as the ultimate arbiter of the goodness of a man's life, and was balanced against a newly deceased person's heart on the scales of justice as a precondition of being permitted to pass into the Afterlife. Those whose hearts were heavy with wicked deeds had their souls devoured immediately by the demigod Ammin. Only those whose were lighter than Ma'at's feather were permitted to pass through into immortality with the Gods.

Is Tomorrow "The Day" (And Ya'll Know What I Mean)
Hell Yes!
I'm Not Sure - They Could Steal It......
No - I Remember Bradley,,,,,,
Hell No - Folks are Going to Diss Him
I Can't Even Think About It I'm So Stressed!!!


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Maat's Feather

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